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河口湖 旅の駅 蓬莱家(ほうらいや)
 1082-3 Asakawa, kawaguchiko-machi,
 Minami Tsurugun,Yamanakashi Pref.
 main phone number :  
 reservations  : 0120-2151-12  

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 We updated Houraiya HP and are waiting for your visit.
 Lake Kawaguchi, Inverted reflection of Mt. Fuji
 Dishes of Houraiya have been receiving good reputation of
 warm hospitality which makes you feel at home.


 You will enjoy different specialty of the each areas of foot of
  Mt. Fuji, Lake Kawaguchi, Kai and Koshu road at Houraiya.

 Houraiya is a place for food and souvenirs.
 We have long history of more than 80 years from early Showa era.
 It was the time when Lake Kawaguchi tourism became popular
 among people.
 There has been no change on the beautiful scenery of
 Lake Kawaguchi and great Mt. Fuji which attracts visitors mind.
 Houraiya’s hospitality also has not been changed.
 We have been stick to serve nice support to our visitors which has
 been inherited from establishment time.


● High-speed powerboat: Please ask for more information.

   5th fl.  A public bath of great view of Lake Kawaguchi and two Japanese tatami rooms for party travelers 

Both Male and Female baths are available for 40 people each.

Mt. Fuji climbers and Night bus tourists will enjoy these facilities

for their rest time, but of course all visitors are welcome.

                          Fee: JPY1,620 – and above.    

   4th fl. Japanese tatami rooms for party travelers of 250 people (4 rooms)  

 Four tatami rooms are use for party travelers on 4th floor.

 You will enjoy your relaxed rest time as well as our dishes.

 We will prepare set menus in accordance with your request

 and under your budget.

 Please ask for more details.

   3rd fl. A room for party travelers for 200 chairs and a tatami room for 50 people (4 rooms)  

 We have a chair room and four tatami rooms on 3rd fllor.
 Would you like to try Pottery plate with our special Miso source?
 This is a most popular dish of Houraiya menus.
 We will cook other dishes by your request.
 Please enjoy our dishes as well as the view of Lake Kawaguchi
 in front of you.
 We are sure you will like the rest time at Houraiya.

   2nd fl. Restaurant and Coffee/team room  

This restaurant is for small group of
The scenery from the second floor is
also superb.
You will enjoy the view of
Lake Kawaguchi
when you eat our dishes, tea or coffee.

   1st. fl.  Shopping area and ice cram stand  

We are ready to introduce the specialty
goods from Lake Kawaguchi, Mr. Fuji,
and Koshu area.
Please bring nice souvenirs back to your
friends and special person for the memory
of the tour around Fuji Five Lakes.

 High-speed powerboat  

 High-speed powerboats are ready for your tour for Lake Kawaguchi.

 It will be fun to go on to the lake. Please ask for the powerboat

 if you want to bring more and more memories back to home.

   Houraiya Menue  

Our hospitality ・・・・ To choose nice materials for our food.
Please drop in at Houraiya.
We cook local cuisine of Yamanashi Prefecture, Houto Pot,
our specialty, Pottery plate,
and of course Sukiyaki, and Shabushabu

Here is the menu page

Houtou set menu (superior)
from 1,620 yen or above
Pottery plate (upper grade)
from 1,620 yen or above

Sukiyaki set menu
from 1,620 yen or above
Shabushabu set menu
from 1,620 yen or above


旅の駅・お食事処 ほうらいや
ADDRESS 1082-3 Asakawa, kawaguchiko-machi,
Minami Tsuru-gun, Yamanashi Pref.
0555-72-2151 Toll free # : 0120-2151-12
BUSINESS HOURS  8:00~17:30
ACCESS  See the map. >>

※ Wide parking lot is ready for the visitors by cars.
Special parking lot is ready at the side of the building for elderly group of visitors.
Special parking lot is ready at the side of the building for the differently-abled visitors
We have wide open space in front of Houraiya.
There is a crosswalk from the open space to our shop.
You can take ceremonial photograph in front of the shop.


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